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Godknows Machingura’s Killing Sparks Controversy…Family Demands Independent Inquiry

Godknows Machingura’s Killing Sparks Controversy…Family Demands Independent Inquiry

The family of Godknows Machingura, a suspect in an armed robbery case, is requesting that police officers conduct an impartial investigation into his death. They think that Machingura’s friends’ explanations and the facts found during the autopsy contradict the police version of events surrounding the incident. In December 2023, 44-year-old Machingura was shot and killed by detectives from the Harare CID homicide case.

Police said that detectives who received a tip about Machingura and his five friends—Paul Zhou and Jabulani Ngobeni among them—tried to track down the robbers after learning that they were planning to target well-known people for ransom. Machingura was shot in the groyne during a shootout in the Arcadia district of Harare, according to the police.

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Speaking anonymously, a family member refuted the police’s narrative, stating that Machingura was actually the victim of a police execution. She said that five bullet wounds were found on his body during the post-mortem examination, including two to his head, one below the ribs, and two on his legs. The family member released grisly autopsy photos of Machingura that displayed his severely bruised body and gunshot wounds. She stated to ZimLive:

We want an open and comprehensive inquiry into the circumstances surrounding his demise.

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Although Godknows has five bullet wounds—two to his head, one below the ribcage, and two to his legs—it is mistakenly claimed in the media that he only had one gunshot wound.

The family member said that Machingura had been under police surveillance since April of last year, and that Zhou had ultimately been employed by detectives to entice Machingura to his demise. Machingura, according to her, was dragged into Zhou’s home and brutally assaulted before being thrown into a car and taken to an unidentified place, where he was slain. The relative stated:

Godknows was tricked by the police into going to Zhou’s Waterfalls home, where he was told to exit his car, raise his hands in the air and be handcuffed by armed CID officers.

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He was taken into Zhou’s home and given a brutal beating.

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We’ve been informed that the officers holding him captive then had a discussion about which of the six should be killed that day, and they decided on Machingura and Jabulani (Ngobeni).

Godknows and Jabulani were compelled to board Honda Fit cars, and they were transferred to an undisclosed location where they died. The other four were placed under arrest.

Jabulani’s back was shredded as well, and there was a large hole in his armpit. It looked like very sharp items had also broken through his hands.

Because of their cruelty, we want justice.

The family members said they were frustrated trying to get the cops to tell them the truth. Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the national police spokesperson, responded by advising the family to contact the Commissioner of Police if they were unhappy with the way the police had behaved. He said that the police were looking into things and that they will provide additional details after they were finished.

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The Zimdancehall artist Freeman is accused of helping deceased armed robber Godknows Machingura’s accomplice in a November 2018 heist.

Paul Ernest Muzenge claims that Freeman was instrumental in the November 25, 2023, home invasion of Paul Chimbodza.

Freeman’s leaked statement, which came with warnings and cautions, contains the…read full story

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