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Government Bans Schools from Conducting Holiday Lessons

Government Bans Schools from Conducting Holiday Lessons

In a recent development, the Zimbabwean government has issued a directive forbidding schools from conducting holiday classes. This decision comes in response to requests from certain schools seeking permission to hold vacation lessons, a practice that has raised concerns among education authorities.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education received requests from several schools seeking approval to conduct holiday classes for their students. However, after careful consideration and consultations with stakeholders in the education sector, the government has decided to prohibit such activities.

Mr. Moses Mhike, the Permanent Secretary of Primary and Secondary Education, affirmed the government’s stance in a statement. He emphasized that students should be given adequate time to relax during school holidays and that they already have ample opportunities to study throughout the academic term.

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The decision to ban holiday classes reflects the government’s commitment to promoting a balanced approach to education, prioritizing students’ well-being and mental health. It also aims to ensure that learners have a meaningful break from academic pressures and can engage in recreational activities that contribute to their overall development.

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This directive is expected to have a significant impact on schools and educational institutions that traditionally offer holiday classes as part of their academic support programs. It signals a shift in educational policies aimed at fostering a more holistic and student-centered approach to learning.

As the new directive takes effect, schools and educators are urged to comply with the government’s decision and focus on providing a conducive learning environment during regular school terms while respecting students’ need for rest and relaxation during holidays.

“The Ministry notes with appreciation the requests that have been received from some of its sectors to allow for the uptake of the Vacation School for examination classes of Grade 7, Ordinary, and Advanced level during this April holiday”, said Mr Mhike.

“Having consulted widely on the matter and cognisant of the fact that the school term had no disturbances at all to the teaching and learning programme, therefore, authority is ‘NOT GRANTED’ that schools facilitate a Vacation School during the April school holidays for the Grade 7. Ordinary and Advanced Level candidates, as well as for the non-examinations classes”.

Mr. Mhike emphasized the importance of allowing students to rest during the upcoming holiday break, which is scheduled to begin on Wednesday and end on 6th May. He commended stakeholders in the education sector for their efforts in ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted term for students.

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“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education acknowledges the conduct of teaching and learning in all schools which went seamlessly during the first term of the year, fully embracing the 56 days set aside for that process.

“The dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to educating and nurturing the young minds of our pupils have not gone unnoticed. The creativity and passion brought about by all our teachers in the classrooms that made learning engaging, interactive, and inspiring for our pupils is commended and the Ministry remains grateful,” noted Mr Mhike.

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