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Government Ceases Cement Imports to Boost Local Production

Govt Scraps CALA

Government Ceases Cement Imports to Boost Local Production

In a bid to strengthen domestic demand and support local manufacturers, the government has taken decisive action by halting the issuance of import licenses for cement. This move comes as local cement producers have exceeded national annual requirements, signaling a robust capacity within the industry.

The administration maintains that the cement supply situation has reached a state of stability, attributing this positive development to the increased output of the country’s four largest cement producers.

During a Post-Cabinet briefing, Dr. Jenfan Muswere, the Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services Minister, highlighted Cabinet’s acknowledgment of the local industry’s remarkable performance. Cabinet noted with satisfaction that local cement production has surpassed optimal levels, indicating a thriving and self-sufficient sector.

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This strategic decision by the government underscores its commitment to bolstering domestic industries, fostering economic growth, and reducing reliance on imports. By prioritizing local production, authorities aim to create a conducive environment for industrial development and job creation while ensuring a stable supply of essential commodities like cement.

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“Cabinet advises the nation that there is now adequate cement on the market. Accordingly, the issuance of cement import licences is being discontinued in order to boost demand for local cement,” Dr Muswere said.

According to him, the four largest cement producers in the nation have installed capacities of 2.6m metric tons annually, compared to a need of 1.6m metric tons nationwide,” said Muswere.

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