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Harare Businessman ‘Forget Maunze’ Offers US$25 For Child Support

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Harare Businessman ‘Forget Maunze’ Offers US$25 For Child Support

HARARE | A businessman ‘Forget Maunze ‘ has approached the Civil Court seeking a variation order so that he can pay US$25 as child support for his minor child.

Forget Maunze told magistrate Ayanda Dlamini that he could no longer afford the US$50 he was paying.

Maunze said he was struggling to restock his shop after his ex-wife Farai Ngirazi allegedly left the supermarket empty when they separated.

“I am no longer employed and I cannot continue paying US$50. I have also remarried and recently welcomed a baby,” Maunze submitted.

But, according to Newsday, Ngirazi said Maunze was a man of means and was lying.

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“He is lying that he is no longer employed because he was never employed. He owns two clothing shops in town and they are still running,” she said.

Ngirazi said Maunze should, instead, pay more than US$100.

Dlamini dismissed Maunze’s application and ordered him to continue paying US$50.

In an unrelated case, an A Level student based in Harare has dragged her father to court seeking an order directing him to increase the money he is paying towards her upkeep.

Heather Mabvira told Dlamini that his father Justin Mabvira should pay US$70 per month instead of US$30.

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“The money he is giving me is no longer enough to cater for all my needs as it is only enough to cover my transport cost to and from school,” she said.

“Looking at his payslip, I am convinced that he can afford the money I am claiming because he is also into part-time jobs which earn him much more than his salary.”

Justin opposed his daughter’s claim saying he had not received a salary increase in several months.

Dlamini dismissed the girl’s application for lack of merit.

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