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Harare City Council Responds to Allegations of Blowing USD20 000 in 4 Days


Kadoma | In reaction to recent claims of excessive spending by Harare City Council politicians, the council has published a clarification statement.

The dispute erupted after it was revealed that councillors had spent USD 20,000 in only four days. The statement issued by the council aims to shed light on the expenditures and processes involved.

The 2023-2028 council members were sworn in on August 23 following elections, according to a statement provided by the Harare City Council. Councillors are appointed to different committees under the Urban Councils Act, four of which are required under Section 96 of the Act.

The council emphasised that in order for these committees to function successfully, councillors must attend induction sessions. The applicable parent local government ministry leads these training.

The 10 committees of Harare City Council, including the Audit committee, Disaster management and public safety committee, and others, all attend these seminars to become acquainted with their particular tasks and responsibilities.

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Concerning allowances, the council stated that all payments are done within budgetary boundaries, providing openness and accountability.

Furthermore, the council said that committee meetings would be prohibited until all committees had finished their indoctrination.

Only the finance and communication and publicity committees have been completely admitted and have begun holding meetings. The council stated that Harare, as the country’s largest local authority, carries substantial obligations, and that the introduction of councillors is a critical aspect of maintaining successful government.

The council also expressed worry that the stated USD 20,000 amount was grossly overblown and did not correctly reflect the true expense of inducting councillors who will serve until 2028.

Harare City Council has informed the public that its operations are transparent and in accordance with the law. This statement was issued in reaction to the recent controversy, with the goal of providing clarification on the situation and dispelling misconceptions about the council’s actions.

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Harare City Council, the country’s largest local government, is under examination, and this clarification aims to restore trust in its governance and financial practises.

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