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Harare Swag Church Roars Into Life, Services to Continue!

Harare | The talk of town church SWAG (Saved With Amazing Grace and Glory Church), which left many in awe on social media, roared into life at Harare Gardens on Sunday.

South African-based musician and Apostle Kudzai Jaravaza aka Apostle K, launched the church and said the new church sought to empower the youth spiritually and materially, and services will continue every Thursday and Sunday evenings.

While many Zimbabweans were dissing the new church online, some attended their first ever Zimbabwean service and came out satisfied by the word of God.

It will use contemporary music and popular culture as engagement tools.

Apostle K said many successful businesspeople consult sangomas and prophets for rituals, which are often carried out at night.

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“A number of successful businessmen and women consult sangomas and prophets,” he told H-Metro.

“They consult them during the night when others will be at home.

“I have come to my motherland to launch a SWAG church meant to empower the youth.

“We will be meeting for prayers in the evenings when others will be home.

“Like the Biblical Paul and Silas, who were delivered from prison during the night, we will conduct our prayers during the night.

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“God gave me the grace to have power and wealth, and I have come to share this grace with my people.”

He said he started off as a gardener in Botswana, and God remembered him by giving him riches to prove his love.

“Whoever I touch in prayer will never be the same again,” said Apostle K.

He thanked worshippers, including street kids, who gave his security a torrid time by fighting during the service.

He embraced the street kids, saying God had good plans for them and he would help them fight drug and substance abuse.

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“I started SWAG church in Cape Town with two people, and today I thank God for this huge number on the first day,” he said.

Apostle K said services will start at 7 p.m.

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