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Harare Woman ‘Vee Marylyn’ Exposes Husband’s Affair with Church Elder

Harare Woman 'Vee Marylyn' Exposes Husband’s Affair with Church Elder

Vee Marylyn of Harare has revealed a dramatic turn of events in her marriage, exposing her husband, Shepherd Chipatiko, for infidelity.

Marylyn accused Chipatiko of cheating with Caroline Mugarisanwa, an elder at ZAOGA church, whom they had hired to handle the decor for her birthday party.

Marylyn’s heartfelt post detailed the betrayal and emotional turmoil she endured, shedding light on the complexities of her marriage and her husband’s repeated infidelities.

“This message is for my friends and family. As most of you know that I was married to Shepherd Chipatiko. This is with great sadness to inform you that we are no longer together,” she began, addressing her close circle and the public at large.

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Shepherd Chipatiko, Marylyn explained, has a history of turbulent relationships. He was first married to the mother of his children, followed by two more marriages within a span of two years before meeting Marylyn.

Harare Woman 'Vee Marylyn' Exposes Husband’s Affair with Church Elder

She only discovered these previous relationships through his family recently. Their marriage, the third for Chipatiko in four years, has also ended due to his affair with Mugarisanwa.

“Our marriage is the 3rd marriage in a space of 4 years and also has ended and he moved out of our matrimonial to cohabit with his new girlfriend at his new home,” Marylyn wrote. “A lady by the name Caroline Mugarisanwa an Elder at ZAOGA who we hired to do my birthday decor last year September in my home and thereafter started cheating with my husband after my birthday.”

Marylyn detailed the emotional agony she faced while her husband was involved with Mugarisanwa. Despite Chipatiko potentially having his own version of events, Marylyn emphasized that her account reflects the truth of what transpired. She revealed that Chipatiko has now married Mugarisanwa, making her his fourth wife in four years.

“Last Saturday after moving out of our home he has married this same woman Carol Mugarisanwa for the 4th time in a space of 4 years. Who is meant to be an Elder at ZAOGA.

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I wish them the very best and may this message be the answer to anyone who has been having any questions and will not be mentioning it again,” Marylyn concluded, indicating her desire to move on from the painful chapter.

Marylyn’s post has garnered significant attention and sympathy from her followers, with many expressing their support and condemning the actions of her estranged husband and Mugarisanwa.

The revelation has also sparked discussions about infidelity, trust, and the sanctity of marriage, particularly involving individuals in positions of religious authority.

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