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Hatipfeke Junk Owner Jefferson Nyamuchengwa Attempts Suicide Over $100k Debt

Hatipfeke Junk Owner Jefferson Nyamuchengwa Attempts Suicide Over $100k Debt

Harare | The online community is abuzz following the alarming news that Jefferson Nyamuchengwa, the owner of Hatipfeke Junk, attempted to take his own life earlier this week.

Reports indicate that Nyamuchengwa is deeply in debt, allegedly owing around $100,000, which led to severe depression and his subsequent suicide attempt.

Nyamuchengwa, a prominent fashion designer, has been grappling with significant financial difficulties. The mounting pressure became unbearable, prompting him to try to end his life. He checked into a local hotel, purchased a bottle of poison, and ingested it. Fortunately, he was found in time by friends who acted swiftly to save his life.

“He was booked at a local hotel, and it appears he was under pressure over some of his deals. The reports claim he could be in a big hole in terms of the money which is required to level the deals in which these guys are involved. His friends, though, say that there has been little to suggest that Jeff was in real trouble to such an extent he could make an attempt on his life.

“But that is what happened, and various amounts are being tossed around town, and we might never know the truth. What is not questionable is that Jeff, who is quite a strong character, was under serious pressure for him to do what he did.”

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Following his suicide attempt, Nyamuchengwa was admitted to a local health facility, incurring a $500 medical bill. Despite his previous generosity, his friends have allegedly refused to help cover the hospital expenses. A well-known city dealer, Domasi, expressed her frustration:

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“It’s very sad how Jefferson used to pop bottles with so-called friends… now just a $500 bill at the hospital and no one wants to contribute. Watch your circle, guys; know who you eat your money with,” she fumed.

The reasons behind Nyamuchengwa’s suicide attempt have given rise to numerous conspiracy theories. The dominant theory is that he was overwhelmed by debt, which allegedly amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. These debts are believed to stem from speculative and failed Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) deals.

“Mukomana was owing some people including masister Domasi, who were on his tail. The pressure was too much that he could not handle, and depression took toll,” shared a small-time city dealer who preferred anonymity.

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Further compounding his woes, one of Nyamuchengwa’s luxury cars, a Mercedes worth approximately $50,000, was recently confiscated. According to sources, the car was taken by its previous owners after a minor accident, under the claim that Nyamuchengwa had not fully paid for it.

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