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Historic Solar Project to Address Zimbabwe’s Power Deficit: Power Giants and GNEE China Sign Billion-Dollar Deal

Historic Solar Project to Address Zimbabwe's Power Deficit: Power Giants and GNEE China Sign Billion-Dollar Deal

Harare, Zimbabwe – Power Giants Private Limited and GNEE China have signed a historic agreement to develop a billion-dollar solar project aimed at resolving Zimbabwe’s persistent power shortage.

The signing ceremony, held in Harare, marks a pivotal step in Zimbabwe’s quest for sustainable energy solutions.

Dr. Edzai Kachirekwa, Director of Power Giants Africa, praised the partnership as a crucial remedy for the nation’s energy crisis.

“This partnership will provide a solution to the power problems in the country,” stated Dr. Kachirekwa. “We will establish plants in all provinces, making Hwange and Kariba power stations redundant for emergency use only.”

The project’s initial phase will focus on supplying smart energy solutions to rural areas and industrial operations.

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GNEE Chief Executive Wan Ke emphasized their commitment to bolstering Zimbabwe’s electricity infrastructure, particularly through solar power projects to mitigate the power deficit.

“We will apply China’s most advanced solar products and technologies to ensure the project meets design requirements and owner expectations,” Wan Ke assured.

This ambitious project is set to significantly alleviate Zimbabwe’s longstanding power crisis. Leveraging GNEE’s cutting-edge expertise and Power Giants’ local insights, the collaboration is expected to transform the country’s energy landscape dramatically.

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