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Holy Ten Replaces Michael Magz With Wife On New Album…But Its Not Make Sure!

Holy Ten Replaces Michael Magz With Wife On New Album...But Its Not Make Sure!

In a surprising move, Zimbabwean hip hop artist Holy Ten has enlisted his wife as a featured artist on his latest album, titled “Risky Life II.” While this decision has sparked curiosity among fans, initial reviews suggest that the album may not live up to the expectations set by its predecessor.

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The album features a total of eight tracks, with Holy Ten collaborating with his wife, Kimberly Richards, on three of them. Despite the anticipation surrounding the release, some listeners have noted that the album lacks the same energy and impact as Holy Ten’s previous work.

The tracklist includes:

1. “Risky Life Interlude”
2. “Banga” (featuring Kimberly Richards)
3. “Ndotokuda” (featuring Kimberly Richards)
4. “Wake Up” (featuring Mr. Candy and Holy Ten’s wife as a backup vocalist and model)
5. “Paranoia” (featuring Holy Ten’s wife as a backup vocalist)
6. “Secondary School”
7. “One Step Ahead”
8. “Sorry Boss”

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Before the album’s release, Holy Ten found himself embroiled in controversy after private messages between him and his baby mama were leaked online. The leaked chats suggested a strained relationship between the two, with accusations of neglect and mistreatment.

Holy Ten, however, refuted these claims, accusing his baby mama of attempting to tarnish his image. The dispute further escalated when his baby mama posted a picture of their son playing with a brick, which Holy Ten interpreted as an attempt to portray him as an unfit father.

Holy Ten Replaces Michael Magz With Wife On New Album...But Its Not Make Sure!

Despite the drama surrounding his personal life, Holy Ten remains focused on his music career. “Risky Life II” may mark a new chapter in his artistic journey, albeit one met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.

Only time will tell how this bold move will impact Holy Ten’s reputation and musical legacy.

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