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Hopewell Chin’ono “Secures” 50 Dialysis Machines For Zimbabwe

Dialysis machines are artificial kidneys that perform most, but not all, kidney functions for patients who have permanent or temporary renal failure.

The machines use hemodialysis to cleanse the blood and balance its constituents, according to an online source.

Posting on Twitter this Sunday, Chin’ono said he received a call from a Zimbabwean lady working for the British public health system, the National Health Service (NHS), saying she wants to give 50 dialysis machines to Zimbabwe. Said Chin’ono:

I got a phone call from a Zimbabwean lady working for the British @NHSEngland in Birmingham managing dialysis machines.

She has 50 machines that she wants to give to Zimbabwe.

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Harare Council and other councils run by the opposition can get these machines to save our people.

Harare City Council has 12 Polyclinics that can be turned into part dialysis centers.

The council then only buys dialysis machine consumables, and Zimbabweans living with kidney disease can live normal lives again.

This requires competent councilors and mayors in cities.

Our people are dying yet these machines are affordable going for as little as USUS$8 000.

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Chin’ono, a critic of the government, has over the past few years been exposing the rot in the country’s public health delivery system.

In 2020, he was arrested after he exposed the looting of public funds in the procurement of COVID-19 test kits and other medical sundries.

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In a desperate attempt to placate key players in the electoral matrix ahead of the vital general elections later this year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s financially precarious administration has handed senior Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) directors US$350 000 house loans each.

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Mnangagwa Blesses CIO directors with windfall of US$350 000

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