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House Wrangle Ends In Court, Brothers Sentenced to 3 Months In Jail

Dr Maria Mafunga Grabs Brothers House! Uses Police Connections to Force Kids Out!

Two brothers, who have been embroiled in a row with their aunt over a Mabvuku house, were on Wednesday convicted of contempt of court.

Tinashe Mafunga (27) and Lionel Kundai Mafunga (24) were found guilty of occupying a house they have been evicted from following a High Court Order.

The two were sentenced to three months imprisonment.

The three months were wholly suspended on condition of good behaviour when they appeared before a Harare magistrate.

According to the State, on September 15, this year, an order was granted by the High Court ordering the accused persons to restore vacant possession of Stand Number 7082, New Tafara house, within 24 hours.

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The court heard that on the date unknown to the complainant but in October 2023, the accused persons approached stand number 7082 New Tafara and broke the door and gained entry and occupied two rooms thereby violating the High Court order.

The two have been having running battles with their aunt Dr Maria Mafunga.

She has been accusing them of turning the house into a brothel and drug distribution place.

Dr Mafunga told H-Metro that she had found peace with her brothers’ three sons.

“At least, we have found peace with my late brother’s sons following some family meetings,” said Dr Mafunga.

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“My bone of contention with them was to bar them from abusing the family house.

“The house was bought by our late parents and my late brother, who happen to be these boys’ father, changed the house title deeds into his name.

“When he passed on, his sons started to abuse the house and one of them wanted to change the ownership into his name.

“Ipapo ndipo pandakashatirwa ndikasimudza musoro kurwira nhaka yakasiyiwa nevabereki vangu.

“I learnt about this when they approached courts for their late father’s estate,” said Dr Mafunga.

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