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How your favourite celebrities will spend Christmas

How your favourite celebrities will spend Christmas

It is no surprise that local celebrities and famous stars love to enjoy Christmas just like the rest of us.

Well, they too are human beings.

From cooking with their families to wearing matching pyjamas, celebrities embrace the joy of the holiday season and share photos from the festivities when December 25 rolls around.

Tomorrow is Christmas day and everybody is counting down the hours to open their presents and spend time with their loved ones.

Some have travelled already to rural areas, as the norm in our culture while some are busy preparing to party.

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All over the globe, even your favourite celebrities will also be celebrating the festive period with their families in style, often sharing adorable snaps of their festivities on social media.

The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle caught up with some of local famous people who shared their plans for Christmas as they also highlighted the challenges and achievements in 2022.

Daves Guzha (theatre practitioner)

Christmas time is time to reflect, catch-up with friends, family and thank the creator for the gift of life. 2022 has been rough and enlightening as we navigate from a financial sinkhole from after close to two years of inertia caused by Covid-19. The enlightenment came from realizing that we in the Creative and Cultural Industries are our own godfathers as so-called rescue packages promised in the budget were never met nor delivered. In fact, these empty promises made recovery longer as false hope made us believe. In the last six months of the year, we have succeeded to reclaim our creative output as programming with a different business approach resumed in the areas of theatre, music, dance. Collaborations became the model of choice and definitely more sustainable.

2022, was also a year of great loss as we lost Zimbabwe’s most outspoken and successful theatre doyen, Cont Mhlanga who was a very close friend. This loss made me realize and appreciate the importance of celebrating life.

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Miss Zimbabwe Queen, Charlotte Muziri (beauty queen)

This Christmas, I will be spending time with family and praying for Christmas miracles to happen. It has been a year full of gratitude, a year that has shown me that God truly answers your prayers and dreams do come true. I am grateful for life, good health and everything in between.

Life is full of challenges but the good thing is that everything has a season. All things eventually will come to an end. The key is to stay true to self and prayer.

Faithcandy (actress, former Miss Curvy Zimbabwe and business woman)

Christmas is considered as the best time for a family to get together.

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I am spending my Christmas with my daughter showing her around since we rarely spend time together because of work and school.

This has been the hardest year ever things were very low financially, but I managed to fulfill my dream as a fashion model and appointed as one of the brand-ambassadors @stylebyminie clothing shop

Monica Mashavave nee Makunike (events planner)

Our Christmas is packed with weddings. I have jobs on family events, lobola, family gatherings and parties. Our year has been amazing, although faced with a lot of challenges due to Covid-19 restrictions and financial constraints, I managed to excel as I travelled to European countries for exposure school and workshops.

This has increased my confidence and has explored the other side of the world. I am a go-getter. Through prayers I have managed to persevere with support of my husband Booker Makunike and my children. This kept me going.

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Mai Titi (comedienne)

Christmas is different. I am here in the United Kingdom and it is very sad because it’s the first Christmas without my kids so I don’t even know what is up for Christmas. It can never be exciting without my kids. 2022 was hell for me. I have nothing to share. It was a year of the devil for me. 2023 around the corner will see

Tinopona Katsande Tintin (radio and television personality)

Christmas is all things close family for me this year. I am looking forward to going to kumusha. Due to Covid-19 we had missed getting together as a family. It has been an arduous journey for me this year triggered from my health challenges but I am grateful that God is in control and my prognosis is good.

One thing I have learnt this year is not to force things to happen at my time but to allow things to fall into the rightful place at the rightful time.

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There is a season for everything and we must embrace that, be a more tolerant people towards each other in our homes and communities. In 2023 I am looking forward to greater growth and prosperity all round because I know now how crucial looking after my mental health is. I have come to realise that if I focus on what I have more in common with the next person instead of focusing on what we don’t have in common, I will achieve greater heights. Happy holidays!!!

Mai Chisamba (talk show host)

I have been super busy this year. Christmas is a time for family and it’s about happy moments but now it’s different.

When growing up we would love this season, it was a time to travel where you haven’t been, dressing up in expensive clothes and getting gifts. We could be eating different foods that we used to eat daily and receiving cards from friends and relatives.

It was a proper family time but that has died down. Now people are doing it as individuals. Christmas used to be a big day. We always start with church then party later. There is no longer the spirit of love. My family and I went on a safari. I can say we are going to have two Christmases because in August we had all family members, the children coming for holiday, all those abroad and locally.

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We went out to a resort area. Now in December we are going to meet with those available. For 2022 we all had challenges but what you need to understand is how to handle them.

Leah AfricanDesign (fashion icon and designer)

I came all the way from the United Kingdom with other family members to spend time with dad. We are planning something as a family with dad, first do lunch at the Rainbow Towers as we managed to get a discount, we will be opening gifts.

2022 has been up and down but the bottom line is to rise up and focus on your solutions. I lost a lot of confidence but managed to overcome this by travelling reminiscing. I am ready for 2023 and I will be venturing into business and working on my book.

Sulumani Chimbetu (musician)

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This season I will be busy. I will be with my family at home after Christmas as I will be staging shows in Masvingo, Chegutu, Kadoma, Wedza then back in Harare. Christmas literally is time for friends and family and as an entertainer, my other family are my fans. I also encourage people to love one another and gifts.

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