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Huggins Hardwork Duri fraudulently issues 19 certificates to undeserving individuals

If the arrest of the executive secretary is any indication, lawyers who obtained certifications falsely from the Council for Legal Education may face legal action.

Huggins Hardwork Duri reportedly gave 19 certificates falsely to unworthy persons who failed the conversion examinations and then applied for admission as legal practitioners.

The Council for Legal Education regulates legal education and training, as well as providing conversion tests for holders of foreign legal qualifications.

Duri allegedly met with a group of students who had completed their Bachelor of Procedural Law degree on June 19 and promised to spare them from taking the conversion tests.

The programme is a post graduate degree offered by the University of Zimbabwe as a bridging programme for those who would have attained their legal qualifications from foreign universities.

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On June 20, Duri met an informant and undertook to assist him to attain the certificates that would enable him to register as a legal practitioner.

He indicated that the informant was supposed to just register for the examination and he would ensure that he gets the certificates even if he failed.

Duri charged the informant US$560 registration fees.

The informant agreed and promised to pay the money the following day and reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

Duri was arrested after receiving US$520, which was part of the “registration” fees.

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Investigations conducted established that Duri had fraudulently issued 19 certificates to undeserving individuals.

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