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Hwindi Prezident Wrecks Relationship, Impregnates and Left A Serious STI In Botswana

Hwindi Prezident Wrecks Relationship, Impregnates and Left A Serious STI In Botswana

Hwindi Prezident, a Zimdancehall singer, is the subject of controversy in Botswana after it was claimed that he broke up a long-term love affair by having mjolo with a person’s live-in girlfriend.

The chanter, who traveled to Botswana on May 5, is said to have had mjolo with Akilla Nkomo, who is T Man’s live-in lover.

On the day he landed in Botswana for his performance, it was said that they engaged in unprotected mjolo.

When T Man obtained their mjolo photos shot at his lodge, chaos ensued. According to sources, Hwindi claimed ignorance of the situation and appeared unaffected by the sight of his mjolo pictures with Akilla.

Akilla remained silent about the subject. “I have nothing to say about this whole situation, but I am aware.

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T Man confirmed the issue. “I have been in love with this girl for a long time. They slept together on the day he arrived here. I don’t know why she did that to me. She now has an STI and is probably pregnant as well. “If it was not that I came across her cellphone, it might have been a different story,” said T Man without elaborating.

“From their messages, it seems like it was their first time, but I don’t know what to think. If a person can do things like this, then she is capable of kuenda ndisinakuzviona.

“The other problem is that she used my money to buy Hwindi beer. It’s my money because she doesn’t work. I have tried to reach Hwindi, but he has just chosen to ignore me.

“That’s what hurts the most. Like seriously, in this day and age, you just have unprotected mjolo? I am not happy about what they did. She didn’t know that I knew her cellphone passcode.

“I am not happy with this. She didn’t sleep at home on that day. Hwindi should stop whatever he is doing.”

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A source said T Man was now behaving suicidal.

“Hwindi came to Botswana and had mjolo with Akilla and the boyfriend is pained about this whole issue after coming across their mjolo at his lodge on her cellphone.

He now wants to commit suicide because he really loved Akilla.

“Tikangomusiya anogona kuzviuraya by taking poison at any time. He tried to contact Hwindi, but he is being ignored. Hanzi akatotaura naye akamuti he will come back to him,” said the source.

Source | H-Metro

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