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I was assaulted, beaten, and handled cruelly at the South African airport

I was assaulted, beaten, and handled cruelly at the South African airport

I apologize for missing my shows and everyone who wanted to meet me this past weekend.

This was what was happening in the background

South Africa mmmmmmmm I almost died.

So this lady is called Ms King and she was the one giving me VERY HARD TIME AT OR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Joburg, South Africa.

I didn’t know that my Swedish travel document required a visa to enter South Africa,I assumed that since I’m Zimbabwean it will be the same as with Zimbabwean document.

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I was denied entry because my Swedish travel document needed a visa.

I opted for legal counsel and asylum application, my goodness all hell broke loose.

1) I was beaten HEAVILY by the Home Office immigration officers who where being instructed by Ms King this fat lady in the video.

2) I was put in cuffs because I refused to go to a detention facility without seeing my lawyer.

3) I was locked in detention for 6 days and not allowed any phone calls .

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4) I was sexually assaulted by the Inners Securico detention center MANAGER MR GLEN and Ms King from Home Office Immigration center instructed the OR TAMBO POLICE NOT TO OPEN A CRIMINAL DOCKET about my case.

5) I was put in solitary for 3 days and didn’t dare to eat because I overheard security officers say “put poison so that she dies”.

6) UNHCR Tried to reach out to me but Ms King said not even United Nations can stop her to block help from outside.

7) I was made to pay 5000rands in a space of 3 days if I needed to access the phone or take my HIV MEDICATION.

8) When my money finished Mr Glen the facility manager told his security officers not to allow me to take any calls from my lawyers or UNHCR and they threw away my HIV MEDICATION.

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Big thanks to God of Israel because I’m now out and speacial thanks to :

1) South African Police Woman #Captain_Kekano who defied Ms King Xenophobic behaviour and #Captain_Kekano came to protect me the whole night when Mr Glen the manager of Securico company at the detention center forcefully put his two fingers in my vagina and grabbed my breasts.

2) Nyasha Kariza who was communication with UNHCR on my behalf.

3) #Thando from Human rights lawyers association in South Africa

And everyone who prayed for me.

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South Africa mmmmmmmm I have no words.

I almost died

This Ms King will never know peace in her life,SHE IS THE ONE WHO WAS PROPELLING ALL OFFICIALS TO ABUSE ME


In other news,

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Twitter influencer'Lincoln Shoko' dies in a horrific accident

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