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Zimbabwean-Born Nicolle Ndiweni Wins Derbyshire PCC Election, UK

Nicolle Ndiweni, a 35-year-old British politician of Zimbabwean descent, has emerged victorious in her bid to become Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). She defeated the incumbent, Angelique Foster, by a substantial margin of about 30,000 votes.

Ndiweni, the Labour Party’s representative, received 93,260 votes, more than Foster, the Conservatives’ representative, who received 65,293 votes, according to the BBC.

David Hancock of the Liberal Democrats received 22,540 votes, while Russell Armstrong of Reform came in third with 32,944 votes.

There were 803,297 votes cast in the election, with a 26.6% voter turnout.

With her victory in the PCC contest for Derbyshire, Ndiweni has made a significant contribution to increased diversity and representation in the UK’s law enforcement and policymaking sectors.

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Posting on X (Twitter) after her win was confirmed, thanked voters who elected her and promised to put their needs first. She wrote:

I don’t have enough words to thank each & every one of you who voted for me & put your trust in      Labour🌹

In me, you will have a PCC who is committed to serving you wholeheartedly & will always put your needs first.

Nicolle Ndiweni, who was elected as Hucknall UK’s first black councillor in 2015, was raised in the rural Karoi area of Mashonaland West Province.

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Her father, Dought Ndiweni, is a member of the SADC Parliamentary Forum and a former Hurungwe Central MP.

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