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Inspector Chester Last Matsa Reportedly Gone Missing

Tout Bites Police Officer

A senior police officer, Assistant Inspector Chester Last Matsa, who received threatening remarks from Deputy Tourism Minister Barbra Rwodzi after arresting a ZANU PF member, has reportedly gone missing.

The police radio issued from Shurugwi Police Station announced Matsa’s absence and requested his arrest if located. Matsa had been transferred to Shurugwi from Charandura Police Station after a leaked recording of his conversation with Rwodzi went viral. In the audio, Rwodzi verbally abused Matsa and threatened him for arresting Fidelis Danger, a member of her party who was taking down opposition party campaign posters. Rwodzi was recorded saying:

I will finish this with you in front of (Commissioner General of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Godwin Thandabantu) Matanga. You’re an idiot… You think CCC will win? You’re a dog! You’re a dog! Go and file a complaint wherever you want, you’re a dog. Stupid!

Matsa filed a police complaint against Rwodzi in Gweru on July 17, 2023, but no update was provided after police issued a statement saying the matter was under investigation. In his complaint which named Rwodzi as the accused person, Matsa said:

The accused person threatened the complainant with harm over the phone.

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The Zimbabwe Human Rights Monitors Platform expressed concern over the incident, stating that it was a dangerous sign of a slide towards authoritarianism to intimidate and harass law enforcement officials for political gain.

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