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It Ended In Tears: Mya Jesus files for divorce two months after plush wedding

It Ended In Tears: Mya Jesus files for divorce two months after plush wedding

Mya Jesus, an Angolan socialite, has officially filed for divorce from her husband Papito, just two months after their mega wedding, which surprised social media users due to the huge pay disparity.

Prior to this new development, Mya and her husband had unfollowed each other on Instagram, with Mya Jesus then deleting all of their beautiful pictures from her various social media accounts.

Mya said yes to a man she met about a month before their engagement on November 28th, 2022.

They dated for less than 10 days and made the photos public two months after their marriage.

According to rumours in circulation, Mya’s decision to walk out of the marriage is because of Papitos’ serial cheating spree.

The 59-year-old millionaire was caught on several occasions cheating on the socialite and always pleaded for forgiveness yet went back to the same old habit.

It Ended In Tears: Mya Jesus files for divorce two months after plush wedding

Mya, who is fed up with the never-ending cheating and plea for forgiveness decided to call it quits for her own mental well-being.

Below are show some social media users have reacted to the news:

Amaleboba Lamisi Rita – Awwwwwn ,I admired in vain. Let me protect my less wedding marriage with my young man

Refilwe Tapuch Kgosana – Maybe she found out that he’s actually her biological father

Lindiwe Promise Vilakazi – To be honest I saw this coming after the announcement of the engagement that it would end in tears for the man

Tyrone Edwards Sr. – But on the real 22 -59 is beyond pushing it her mindset is still closer to 18 then 25 usually by 25 to 30 you have seen and grown some but 22 you still don’t really have a clue, hell he may have married just to hit and now he is done ????? who knows ,but she is fine as wine and hopefully the next guy can hold on to her.

Patricia Jacob James Hedd-williams – Maybe he doesn’t have enough income to take care of her body, these girls are looking for financial assistance to remake their bodies

Ibrahim Tunkara – What were they thinking? Is it that he wanted to have a taste of her body or she wanted to scan through the old man’s wallet? Because I see no compatibility.

Source | ZiMetro News

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