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Just Like Her Marriages, It Ends In Tears!

Mai TT Lawyer Tries to Use Her HIV Status To Get A Jail Free Card, The Saga Continues!

Mai TT has been sentenced to another jail term of 12 months in jail for the charge of theft of trusted property.

Mai TT, real name Felistas Murata, will serve an effective six months in prison, as the other six were 6 months suspended on condition that she doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years.

In giving the ruling, Magistrate Chibanda said:

“These are the reasons for sentencing. The court considered that the accused is a female offender who has two minor children. It’s a well-settled position that sentencing should be rationale and fair. The court takes cognisant that she didn’t benefit from the offence as the car was recovered. The court appreciates that the conviction already embarrasses her, but a fine would trivialize the offence.

“Community service would have been appropriate, but she has proven that she’s not eligible for community service. She is therefore sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, 6 months are suspended on condition that she doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years and 6 months are effective.”

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In September 2020, Mai TT hired an Audi Q5 from Liberty Kudakwashe Vazhura at Else Car Rental. They agreed that Mai TT would pay US$770 weekly, and they signed a lease agreement.

"I Have a Banging Body" - Mai Tt Brags As Ketty Masomera In Sucked Into Her Mjolo Saga

However, Mai TT didn’t make the weekly payments as agreed and became evasive. She transferred the car to Rachel Mhuka, a loan shark, who had given her US$10,000 for her business. She used the car as collateral without Vazhura’s knowledge.

Later, Mai TT took back the car from Mhuka and gave her an invalid passport as replacement security. When Mhuka discovered this, she confronted Mai TT, who eventually returned the car.

In January 2021, the police approached Mhuka and seized the car, claiming it was stolen from Else Car Rental. Vazhura had reported Mai TT for theft of the rented property after he couldn’t locate her or the car.


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