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Kudakwashe Mahachi Pours Heart Out

Kudakwashe Mahachi Pours Heart Out

Kudakwashe Mahachi Pours Heart Out

ZIMBABWE international forward, Kudakwashe Mahachi, said no one cared for him during his trials and tribulation.

Mahachi was speaking out for the first time since he was acquitted by a Bulawayo magistrate after enduring rejection and condemnation for a lengthy period as he was being accused of assaulting his son.

“I am not just a broken man; I am a pained man by what has happened to my son and how I was accused of attempting to kill him despite reports from medical experts.

“No one cared to give me a chance, no one cared to give me the benefit of doubt,” he said.

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Mahachi dismissed all juju allegations citing that he worked hard for everything he had.

“I have played football for 15 years for my country and for top-flight clubs.

“Yet despite this, I was accused of using my 4-year-old son for rituals, how is it that I have played this game for 11 years before my son was born and suddenly now needed him for rituals for my career?

“Even fellow football players that I struggled with as a young boy trying to make it in our early careers accused me of using rituals to harm their careers, but what would I have benefited from that?”

He said his ex-lover was bitter and was demanding maintenance for three children while Diego was Mahachi’s only biological child.

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“I have also silently been a victim of a bitter ex-lover for so long. She accused me of kidnapping and smuggling my own child, yet each time he visited me in South Africa on 3 separate occasions, he returned in perfect health.

“On each visit without fail, he was receiving medical check-ups. I have been fighting many battles behind the scenes with Diego’s mother

“Diego’s mother had been demanding the maintenance of 3 children (Deneo, Dellish and Diego). (Deneo, unfortunately, died from hydrocephalus),

“I had been paying 2/10 maintenance for years without question until friends advised me to take paternity tests for these children.

“Results from the paternity tests revealed that only Diego was biologically mine. “Upon this news, I stopped paying maintenance and this infuriated Maritha (Diego’s mother) and her mother, who swore to destroy me,” he said.

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