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Laptop Thief Caught on CCTV Arrested at Hungwe House in Harare CBD

Laptop Thief Caught on CCTV Arrested at Hungwe House in Harare CBD

A suspected laptop thief, caught on CCTV in the act, was identified by someone who had seen the footage and subsequently arrested at Hungwe House in Harare’s central business district.

Sources indicate that the suspect had been stealing valuables, particularly laptops, from the same building for some time.

The video of him committing the theft was captured on CCTV and circulated on social and mainstream media last year, allowing him to avoid capture until now.

Shop owners and workers at Hungwe House had been experiencing losses of laptops, cash, and other valuables. Yesterday, one of the victims recognized the suspect from the CCTV footage and assisted in his arrest.

“We have a video of him stealing a laptop. He was captured on CCTV, and since then, we haven’t known how he has been entering the building,” a victim explained.

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“Several people here lost laptops, and we suspect it was this guy. When I saw him on the second floor, I recognized him immediately but acted as if I hadn’t noticed.

“I quickly ran to the entrance and alerted a security officer, who then prepared to catch him as he was leaving the building.”

Another witness described the arrest:

“So, this guy eventually came down, and when he reached the entrance, the security guard confronted him. He tried to run away but was arrested with the help of some vendors outside the building. Other people identified him as the one from the video.”

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Hungwe House seems to be a frequent target for laptop thieves.

“I am sure he has been doing this for a long time now,” added another witness. “Today, he just got unlucky. We also have another video of a different suspect captured on CCTV. These thieves often pretend to be talking on a mobile phone or act like they want to buy something as a strategy.”

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