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Lorraine Guyo Valentine’s Gift: Another Woman Says it’s her vehicle, taken away by her husband!

Is Lorraine Guyo messing up someone's marriage??

Socialite Lorraine Guyo according to ZiMetro News, the automobile Lorraine Guyo received for Valentine’s Day belongs to her married lover’s wife.

When contacted via phone, an unnamed woman claimed ownership of the automobile gifted to Lorraine, of “Ndinyengeiwo” fame.

She added, “My husband grabbed my car, saying he was going to remedy the mechanical issue.”

“I was shocked to see the car displayed by Lorraine with fresh license plates.

In order to prevent domestic violence, I don’t want to expose my spouse because it truly harmed me and my family.

When contacted for comment, Lorraine acknowledged that the woman had called her regarding the car.

I received a call from a woman who identified herself as the spouse of the individual who gave me the car, Lorraine recalled.

“As a celebrity, men or women can give me gifts, some hand them to me for donations.

“I’m not sure if her statements are accurate or if she just wants to stir up trouble.

Lorraine Guyo Valentine's Gift: Another Woman Says it’s her vehicle, taken away by her husband!

“At the moment, all I know is that she is my fourth automobile, and she drives wonderfully.

Lorraine stated, “Ndiyani asingade kupihwa mota, saka ndirikufara nayo.”

According to reliable sources who spoke to H-Metro, the woman and the man who gave Lorraine the car have now split up.

It has been reported that she was the donor’s third wife.

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