Mabvuku Residents Left In Awe After Witnessing Blood-Like Fluid Flow In Nearby Trench Since Saturday

Scores of Mabvuku people gathered to a ditch in the densely populated district on Saturday to see a blood-like material gushing.

Residents were quite curious when the blood-like goo was first observed on Saturday at Kamunhu Shopping Center.

A resident remarked, “At first, we believed someone may have been attacked by thieves, but we’re not sure whether this is blood.”

“I now doubt that it is blood since there would have been a terrible stink and swarms of insects in the trench if it were blood.

Rain has been falling for a few days, yet this fluid has not been cleaned.

“If it’s a chemical, that means whoever dumped it must be made accountable for such pollution,” he said.

The trench cuts across a maize field and people from as far as Tafara made a beeline to catch a glimpse.

This followed rumours of fresh blood seeping from the ground.

Another resident said:

“When we got to the scene, some people were saying it’s not blood.

“It’s coming from underground, seeping through cracks along the trench.

“So, we poured some water expecting it to stop, but nothing changed. Vanhu vadira mvura, but parikuramba pachingobuda chete.”

Some residents expressed mixed feelings.

“I think we need to invite sangomas because we are surprised by this incident.

“Maybe we also need experts to test this fluid and tell us if it’s real blood or chemicals.”

The Pacific 24-Hour Hospital is a few metres away from the place, and some suggested the liquid could be coming from the health institution.

However, Pacific’s human resources officer, Anne Sakhala, distanced the hospital from it.

“We are not responsible for the chemicals/liquid found in the drainage system,” she said.

“We do not dispose anything into trenches and urge people not to block the drainage system by throwing waste into it.

“The health of our people is our concern, and we cannot risk their lives by engaging in health hazard activities.”

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