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Madam Boss in a bad taste Aquaclear Water advert Which Was Also Stolen

How can you steal an advert and make it worse? Madam boss has found herself in deep water after she stared a bad taste Aquaclear Water advert with its concept stolen from another bottled water company.

On March 2, Madam Boss shared her joy on her social media handles promoting the water brand with a caption, which read:

“Dofo ra Roice Mariona here, am so proud of the brand Madam Boss.”

After the post, her followers hailed the comedienne for starring in the promotional video.

Award-winning gospel artist, Mai Respina Patai, was quick to praise Madam Boss for her innovation.

“Well done Tyra hauzi dofo uye hauna kumbova dofo kumeso kwaMwari.

“Jehova vakukuchengetedza, vairasisa vavengi kuti vasakubata, so meso evanhu ndiwo aiona dofo iwe usiri hako uchichengetedzwa.

“A great woman, a role model to several souls, an inspiration to multiple, keep up the good work,” she said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by one Anne Mugarisanwa, who described Madam Boss as a genius.

It, however, emerged that the crew behind the Madam Boss advert could have copied the whole concept from a similar bottled water brand.

The scripting and direction of the promotional advert was the same.

The only difference are the words used to describe how refreshing the water is.

According to the other brand’s website, their product was first launched in the United States in 1994.

With its unique purification system and great taste, it soon became the best-selling brand in that country.

As it stands, Madam Boss’ team were caught in the mix which could have been avoided with a little bit of research.


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