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Madam Boss Issues Statement On Partnership With E-Creator!

Madam Boss dismisses pregnant rumors

Madam Boss, a Zimbabwean socialite and comedienne, has come under criticism from hundreds of his followers who lost money to a Ponzi Scheme called E-Creator, which just ceased business and left individuals calculating their losses.

Some people really joined the pyramid scam after she publicised it on her massive social media following.

Madam Boss has apologised for her part in convincing many to join E-Creator.

She claims that they done their due diligence in establishing the legitimacy of the company and that everything appeared to be in order.

We went through all the due diligence processes to make sure we protect you, our followers. We checked everything about this company and there was no indication of any foul play in the end, even Madam Boss joined e creator as well and all was okay.

Madam Boss stated that she will keep everyone updated on any developments. A Chinese national is suspected of being behind the firm and fraudulently syphoning money.

We will keep you updated if we receive any information on this issue; please bear with us as we do not have any other information about this subject other than what we have already indicated; we are heartbroken that this has occurred to all of you, but we are also in the dark as to what is going on.

Madam Boss Full Statement On E-Creator
Good day Madam Boss fans and partners

Each time we are approached or we approach companies/ clients, the management team takes its time to verify the authenticity of the business ie going through their company profile and even their history in the industry, we take time to assess even its customer feedback even if the company is well known. This was the case with E-Creator, everything checked out with no suspicions and their association with a big Communication company further convinced us that the company was legit and so we took the business.

Our job , after everything has checked out positively, is to advertise and make sure the client gets value for money service. We in most cases deal with the marketing team and not the company directors and this was the case with E-creator – we met the marketing team at their offices at Joina city, asked relevant questions to ascertain their legitimacy and we were happy with the work they were doing to over 50 000 people and according to some articles they were one of the leading e-commerce companies in the country.

We went through all the due diligence processes to make sure we protect you, our followers. We checked everything about this company and there was no indication of any foul play in the end, even Madam Boss joined e creator as well and all was okay.

We would however really like to apologize to all our fans and partners for all they are going through due to the e-creator scandal, we don’t take anything for granted and so we are genuinely issuing an apology mostly because most of you joined e-creator due to the fact that you trust the Madam Boss Brand and you supported us as always.It hurts us to see people lose their hard-earned cash and we really hope e creator will resolve this issue and make sure everyone recovers their money.

We will keep updating you if we get any information regarding this issue, please bear with us as we don’t have any more details about this matter except what we just mentioned, we are devastated that this happened to all of you but we are also in limbo as to what’s happening.

We really hope justice will prevail for everyone that lost their hard-earned money.It is because of you all that we exist, your trust in us is why we are one of the most trusted Brand in the industry.

Many thanks and thanks for the support- we wish you all a very good luck – do not hesitate to leave a message on our business WhatsApp number and we will make sure to go through each and every one of them

May justice prevail


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