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Mai Chisamba Urges Youths To Capitalize On Digital Era

Mai Chisamba Urges Youths To Capitalize On Digital Era

Harare | Talk show television host, Mai Rebecca Chisamba, said it’s high time youths stopped playing the blame game and capitalised on the digital era.

The marriage counsellor encouraged the youths to take advantage of new technologies to better their lives.

“We are now free from colonialism, but my heart breaks as l see youths of today sitting and wasting resources available to them.

“We now live in a digital world, but young people are not capitalising on technologies right at their fingertips.

“A lot just sit and mourn about this and that instead of using the internet to advance our nation.

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“They should stop playing the blame game and do something about the wrong things they see.

“Zimbabwe is a beautiful country and it’s sad that people only start appreciating it when they go abroad and face challenges,” she said.

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