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The Infamous Cheating Wife ‘Mai Denzel’ Who Broke the Internet In Zimbabwe

The Infamous Cheating Wife 'Mai Denzel' Who Broke the Internet In Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwean lady named Mai Denzel, sometimes known as Tariro, gained notoriety online after her claimed adulterous antics went viral in 2023.

When smuggled audios of Mai Denzel confessing her promiscuity to her husband, Baba Denzel, made their way onto social media, the tale captivated the nation.

Who Did Mai Denzel Cheat With, And How Was She Discovered?

In the leaked audio recordings, Mai Denzel confessed to cheating on her husband, Baba Denzel, with an army man, Daniel Parangeta. Parangeta is from Chimhanda Village in Rushinga, Mt Darwin.

During their relationship, Parangeta and Mai Denzel used to capture some of the best moments of their illicit affair through photographs. They even took photos of themselves in their birthday suits. They even went as far as recording a sex tape.

The bedroom tape and the explicit photographs later went viral after a disgruntled Parangeta leaked them. Parangeta is said to have sent the video and nude pictures to Mai Denzel’s husband in a fit of rage and jealousy after she had dumped him for his friend.

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Baba Denzel then confronted her using the information from Parangeta before calling her relatives to inform them of her shenanigans.

Mai Denzel’s husband asked her brother to take her away. However, she reportedly had no bus fare and instead moved in with her mother in Harare’s Budiriro suburb.

What happened after the cheating scandal went viral?

After Baba Denzel called Mai Denzel’s relatives and informed them of his decision to divorce her, many expected this to be the end of the marriage.

But, in an unexpected turn of events, he pleaded for a reconciliation with his wife.

In a leaked recording, Baba Denzel was heard assuring his wife that bygones were bygones and that he was ready to take her back. From the leaked recording, which was a call between him and his wife, it seemed Baba Denzel initiated the reconciliation process.

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In the conversation, Baba Denzel informed his wife that he was making arrangements for her to come back to their matrimonial home. He ordered her to go and get money from a relative so that she could return home.

Source | ZiMetro News

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