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Mai TT Sentence Explained! “She Served For Absconding Community Service”

Mai TT Sentence Explained! "She Served For Absconding Community Service"

Harare | According to her attorney Tafadzwa Muvhami, the comedian Mai TT, real name Felistas Murata, served three months in jail for evading community service in 2015 while she was incarcerated in Chikurubi Female Prison.

Muvhami stated that Murata was serving an effective nine-month term, which included three months for evading community service in 2015. Murata made this statement in an interview with H-Metro on Wednesday, November 8.

Mai TT was found guilty of using domestic abuse. She completed just 19 of the 105 hours that were expected of her, and the Magistrates’ Court punished her for the failure with a three-month sentence.

According to Muvhami, the term was served simultaneously with a six-month sentence for stealing trust property, which the High Court subsequently overturned. Says he:

As an option, my client was mandated to complete community service in lieu of serving her sentence.

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The effective six-month theft sentence was served in addition to the three-month jail sentence.

After serving the three months, she continued to spend the remainder of her theft sentence. She appealed the decision, and the court overturned her conviction and sentence.

Muvhami disclosed that they were unable to file an appeal against her conviction for the theft allegation until the three months had passed. Says he:

In most cases, an appeal is dropped when a party violates a court order; hence, Mai TT was had to spend the three months following her previous sentence.

Her appeal could not have been considered earlier since she was required to serve the six months without having the option of performing community service.

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