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Mai Tt’s Daughter Fifi Has Been Paying Ex-Boyfriend Not to Release Leaked Pictures

A few days ago, Fifi, the daughter of a popular comedian in Zimbabwe, had her private photos leaked on the internet. The issue took over most of Zimbabwe’s social discussion on the internet.

The mother, Mai Titi, is a controversial individual in the country. She’s also a social media influencer.

In an emotional post on Facebook, Mai Titi said she was also surprised by the leaked photos.

She said her daughter’s ex-boyfriend leaked the photos. According to the post, unbeknownst to her as a parent, Fifi had been blackmailed by the ex for a year, forcing her to pay him to avoid leaking the pictures. Eventually, according to Mai Titi, her daughter ran out of money and the pictures were leaked.

I know you are waiting for answers wich u already concluded. But it is well . The way you are shocked is the same way I’m shocked because my daughter is the most quiet, intelligent, individual. When I counted my blessings I count her as well. Never have I ever hold a stick to flog her because there was nothing to flog her for . She was the best God gave me because everything about her is just perfect.

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There is no website that people are claiming.

There are no videos which people are exaggerating

There is just a young lady who was in a relationship and trusted her boyfriend and after breaking up the guy leaked the pictures.

I got to find out that she was under threats the whole of last year but never told me about it . She would pay this guy not to release until she couldn’t afford anymore.

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The matter is in the hands of the police and I’m sure the law will take its course.

My daughter was wrong in trusting a boy and I don’t support such nomatter I failed relationships I didn’t train my kids in that manner . This is a very difficult moment for me as a mother but what I promise is you can mess all you want with me but with my kids it won’t end well. The press, individuals who circulated this I’m aware. Being a single mom and failed relationships doesn’t mean you are a prostitute, there s nothing I didn’t do for my children I gave them everything and also told taught them about life . I used my mistakes as examples but ey mwana mwana you don’t know what they do behind scenes.

Thank you all fr your messages.

God got us in the midst of it all.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Moregrace Shasha

    April 16, 2024 at 7:50 am

    Things like that happens but it’s an eye opener not to take pics or videos of your privates things you do in your relationship. Trust only God.

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