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Mambos valentine’s proposal fail lady speaks

Mambos valentine's proposal fail lady speaks

Many are celebrating their love stories on Valentines whilst on the other side of life there are others crying.

Another couple met the fate of their lives after the guy wanted to make a spectacular proposal and the lady could not take it.

The crowd shouted pressuring the lady to accept the proposal but she could not handle it and walked away.

The guy whose ID could not be identified cried and threw himself in the floor watch below

In her defense the lady reiterated that she wanted something private and not a public place. She also emphasised that this came as a shock and she was not ready for this commitment,

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In other news,

Teen Returns Home After Going On Mjolo Spree!

“The family of a 17-year-old Rorisang Shaku in Apel, outside Ga-Nkoana, Limpopo has confirmed the safe return of their daughter following her disappearance for over a week,” reports suggest.

Teen Returns Home After Going On Mjolo Spree!

Many Twitter users believe she was at her man because these kids are mjolo active; this has also been confirmed by her mother, who reportedly expressed disappointment because this is not the first….more here

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