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Man (50) Accused Of Taking Daughter As A Second Wife

Man (50) Accused Of Taking Daughter As A Second Wife

An ex-convict from Masvingo, who was convicted of raping his daughter and spent six years in prison, is accused of raping her again and impregnating her soon after his release.

Richard Mazviyo, 50, of Mushaviri Village 4 in Gutu, has allegedly been sexually abusing his daughter, Beaular Mazviyo, for about a decade now.

Beaular, who is 23 years old, is dumb.

Fellow villagers accuse Mazviyo of sexually abusing her daughter since she was in Grade Seven.

Speaking to H-Metro, Mazviyo, however, denied the allegations saying the villagers are jealous of his farming prowess and want him to be sent to prison again. He said:

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I never raped my daughter as alleged but all the villagers are against me. I do not know why, maybe, it’s a bad spell.

I got arrested in 2014 when I was accused of raping my daughter.

I was convicted and sentenced to 12 years.

Upon my release, after serving six years, my daughter got pregnant, as well as my wife, and everyone accused me of being responsible for my daughter’s pregnancy.

I was arrested and spent some months at remand prison but they failed to find evidence to convict me.

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Mwana wacho ndeuyu, vanoti akafanana neni.

I don’t care about these allegations anymore, ndatindivara handichisina basa nazvo.

Mazviyo claimed that his daughter’s disability was caused by his three aunties who died on the same day. He said:

She is my daughter and I do not want any man to marry her because she is dumb.

My daughter is a hard worker and I do not feel it’s good to allow anyone to separate us.

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People were quick to accuse me of causing my daughter’s dumbness, it’s not true.

Panemadzitete angu matatu anonzi akafa zuva rimwechete saka ndiyo mhepo yakagara pamwanasikana wangu uyu inomutadzisa kutaura.

Villagers and my relatives have been accusing me of sexually abusing my daughter but none of them have evidence of such allegations.

Some are jealous because of my hard work in the fields and want me arrested and returned to prison.

Ndakatotindivara nazvo saka hameno chero zvavataura.

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My daughter was once taken to my aunt in Gokwe and she returned so I do not want anyone to take her away from me.

Mazviyo’s wife, Winnie Gebe (46), said she was deeply hurt by what her daughter has been made to go through. She said:

My tears are never dry due to what I am going through and witnessing day and night.

One of these days my husband woke up, left me and went to knock at the door where our daughter sleeps.

I followed and confronted him about it.

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He was quick to defend himself saying he wanted to get some fire to light his cigarette.

Beaular was 14 when she became dumb, the same year she was raped by her father. Mazviyo reportedly threatens people that he does not hesitate to return to prison after killing whoever gets involved in his family’s issues.

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