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Man In Shock As 15 Boyfriends Send Mjolo Pictures With His Wife

After a marriage spanning over 17 years, it has come crashing down for a man who discovered his wife was involved with over 15 other men.

The husband stumbled upon incriminating evidence on his wife’s mobile phone, uncovering explicit chats and nude pictures exchanged with multiple boyfriends through WhatsApp. Despite Letwina Mateke, the wife, attempting to block the SIM card, the husband retained possession of the phone, where the illicit conversations continued unabated.

H-Metro obtained access to the chats between Letwina and her various partners, revealing that some of the men resided in Budiriro, Epworth, and other areas. Shockingly, Letwina’s husband revealed that she had utilized a singles’ WhatsApp group to engage in relationships, leaving her marital status undisclosed to her suitors.

The situation reached a boiling point three days ago when the husband confronted his wife, leading to a tumultuous confrontation. He recounted how he took matters into his own hands by reaching out to several of Letwina’s boyfriends, even meeting some in person.

Despite his efforts to expose the truth, Letwina’s husband faced further turmoil when her sister allegedly assaulted him, resulting in a domestic violence case being filed at Kuwadzana Police Station. However, amidst the chaos, Letwina’s husband remained resolute, determined to shed light on his wife’s deceitful actions.

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Meanwhile, some of Letwina’s boyfriends expressed shock upon learning of her marital status, believing her to be single and unaware of her marriage. Their chats with Letwina revealed plans for rendezvous in town and Epworth, as well as expressions of gratitude for the time spent together.

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