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Man ‘McDonald Mukosera’ Ousted From Home, Claims Torment After Unveiling Wife Patricia Ganga’s Affair With Coworker

A man alleges that he is now facing abuse from his brothers-in-law, orchestrated by his wife, after he revealed her affair with a coworker.

McDonald Mukosera asserts that he has been forcibly ejected from his home and his life has become a nightmare following his disclosure of his wife, Patricia Ganga’s, infidelity.

Accusing Patricia of engaging in a romantic relationship with her coworker, McDonald claims that she enlisted the help of her brothers, Richard and Tapiwa Ganga, to physically and verbally assault him.

McDonald states that he has been evicted from their family residence and is being denied access to their child.

Taking legal action, McDonald has filed for protection and custody rights through the court.

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He expresses his fear and distress over the situation, emphasizing that Patricia’s actions have left him with no choice but to seek justice through legal channels.

Meanwhile, Patricia had previously garnered attention for fabricating night shifts to embark on romantic getaways in Ruwa.

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