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Man Sets Self Ablaze At In-Laws After Being Dumped!

Man Sets Self Ablaze At In-Laws After Being Dumped!

Chitungwiza | There was drama yesterday in Chitungwiza, Zengeza when a man who wanted to kill his estranged wife, ended up setting himself on fire at his in-laws’ house.

He was protesting against the decision by his wife to dump him.

Godfrey Kaseke, 44, was riled by his wife Juliet Dzumbunu’s statement that he was going to ditch him for another man.

He is now battling for his life after sustaining burns all over his body.

Neighbours and members of the public helped in putting out the fire. All the property inside the house was burnt to ashes. Juliet left her matrimonial house to go and stay with her married brother in Zengeza, in January.

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Yesterday, Godfrey loaded his bag with a bottle of petrol, a kitchen knife and a copper cable and paid Juliet a visit.

Sources said the intention was probably to kill her. Juliet told H-Metro that she was strangled and threatened with a knife before she escaped through a window.

“I separated from him in January and everyday he has been begging for a reunion and I denied him another chance.

“Ndakamuudza kuti kana wafunga nezvangu ndimedzese vana two vawakandizvarisa wotangazve kundipfimba and this time handibvume.

“Yesterday, he phoned me pleading with me to have quality time with him and I openly told him that I have decided to move on with another man.”

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She added: “That statement disturbed him and pushed him to do such an evil act.

Juliet was forced to accompany Godfrey to Chitungwiza General Hospital where she dumped him.

“Godfrey wanted to kill me and I felt it was not fine for me to see him being nursed. Ndaudza nurse kuti ndichambonotsvaga mari yeAmbulance sezvo vati aendeswe kuSally Mugabe.

“Ndiwomatiziro andaita.

“His relatives were not responding to the matter,” said Juliet.

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