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Manager Arrested in Waverley Blankets High-Profile Theft In Mutare


In a startling turn of events, the Mutare branch of Waverley Blankets (Pvt) Ltd has been rocked by a significant theft, resulting in losses amounting to approximately USD 74,351 in cash and merchandise.

The incident, reported by an unnamed complainant, swiftly led to the apprehension of the shop manager, Mr. Abdul Rawoof Dawood.

The complainant, opting to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, detailed the sequence of events leading up to Mr. Dawood’s arrest. Allegedly, Mr. Dawood confessed in writing to the theft, which occurred during his tenure from August 24, 2021, until his resignation on July 19, 2022. In a gesture of accountability, Mr. Dawood, through his family, initiated a restitution process by depositing USD 33,000 back into Waverley Blankets’ accounts.

Notably, the decision to release Mr. Dawood from police custody was influenced by a visit from his mother, which invoked sentiments of compassion among the involved parties. Further assurance came in the form of a written commitment from Mr. Ali Bhadella, promising to settle the remaining balance within a two-week timeframe.

However, despite these agreements, neither Mr. Dawood nor Mr. Bhadella has fulfilled the outstanding financial obligations, prompting the complainant to pursue legal avenues for resolution.

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While the state has concluded its case against Mr. Dawood as of March 13, 2024, the legal proceedings are far from concluded, with Mr. Dawood’s defense lawyer preparing to apply for a discharge.

The ramifications of this high-profile theft reverberate throughout the local community, raising questions about trust and accountability. As the wheels of justice continue to turn, the public eagerly awaits updates on the legal proceedings, with a commitment from our team to provide timely and accurate coverage of developments in this case.

Stay tuned for further updates as this story unfolds, as we endeavor to keep our readers informed with the latest information.

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