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Married men clash at lover’s house…One Bought Bed, The Other Pays Rent!

Married men clash at lover’s house...One Bought Bed, The Other Pays Rent!

Trisha Tsuro, 42, a truck driver, and a gold dealer only identified as Clemence, had a confrontation at 37-year-old Chipo Dailes’ apartment.

Clemence was reported to have prevented Trisha from entering Chipo’s bedroom, saying he bought the bed she sleeps on, while Trisha argued that he was paying her rentals.

Chipo, a dealer popularly known as Lee at Eastgate Mall, restrained the two, arguing that they had no right to bar each other since one of them had paid lobola for her.

Trisha’s wife, Brenda Tsuro, 40, told H-Metro that Chipo exposed her husband to Clemence for not paying rentals and giving her money to spend over the holiday.

“Chipo wanted Clemence to beat up my husband because he didn’t pay rentals for her,” said Brenda.

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‘”Her marriage ended after she was caught between the sheets with my husband, and she vowed that my family would suffer as long as she was alive.

“I pleaded with my husband’s company bosses to pay his salary directly to me, and they agreed, and that starved Chipo.

“She started sending messages to my husband at night asking him to come to her place. My husband refused and after some threats, he was forced to go to her house, and they clashed with Clemence,” said Brenda.

Among the messages exchanged between Trisha and Chipo, she accused him of giving his whole salary to his wife without paying her rent.

“Vapei attention vamunoda vacho, kwamakaendesa mari yese kune van*na**

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“Kumba kwangu hakubhadharwe rent,” reads one message from Chipo.

One of Trisha’s messages to Chipo reads:

“Wakadya mari yangu yakawanda vana vangu vachifa nenzara. I have a family so give me time with my wife. She is my wife akandizvarira vana, pihwa mari nezvikomba zvako.”

Chipo told H-Metro that she had since separated with Trisha and only contacted him to inquire about money she had lent him.

“I decided to leave Trisha, and we are no longer lovers,” said Chipo.

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“In the conversations that leaked to his wife, I was asking for my money which Trisha borrowed sometime back when he wanted to solve his family issues.

“But I want to believe that Chipo is the one who answered the messages, not her husband. I don’t know the Clemence claimed to be my lover,” she said.

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