Married Partners To Be Buried In One Grave As Bulawayo Runs Out Of Burial Space

Bulawayo City councillors are pushing for the mandatory burial of two bodies in one grave as the country’s second-largest city runs out of burial space.

Alternatively, the councillors are proposing that residents consider cremating their departed relatives.

Zimlive reports that the calls come amid revelations that the city’s two major cemeteries, West Park and Hyde Park, had filled up.

“A single grave should have more than one burial. For effective cremation, private players should be involved,” said Councillor Sikhululekile Moyo, who also noted that the high death rate now being experienced was pushing demand for burial space.

Bulawayo’s biggest cemetery, West Park, was closed in 2016 after running out of burial space but was later reopened by the local authority targeting reserved land.

The cemetery was decommissioned for the second time in 2019 as it had run out of burial space.

Speaking on the issue, Councillor Sinikiwe Mutanda further revealed that the city has already approved double burials, just not on mandatory basis.

“On an ordinary grave, double intermation was allowed after a period of 10 years and above,” she said.

Meanwhile, the government has announced that it is working on a scheme that will see civil servants receive solar systems as part of their non-monetary benefits.

Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana announced the development while responding to reports that only bigwigs will be shielded from the ongoing energy crisis through the scheme.

“Govt is working on a scheme to promote use of renewable energy(RE) through rolling out solar systems to ALL civil servants as a non-monetary benefit. It’s working on an international partner to manufacture the batteries and panels leveraging on our vast lithium deposits. The idea is; 1- Promote the use of Renewable Energy. 2- Reduce burden on National Grid 3- Manufacture solar batteries in Zimbabwe so as to reduce their prices as we have the lithium in this country. 4- Create employment 5- The PSC cares for its employees,” said Mangwana.

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