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Mazakeen Blasts Stunner – “He can’t even put a roof over my head”

Reports Say Stunner Has Been Arrested In Durban After Bashing New Bae

Harare | Mazakeen Jade, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme, has disclosed that she has been turning down his advances to reconcile because she thinks the musician isn’t able to support her financially.

Over the past few months, the public has witnessed the turmoil surrounding Stunner and Mazakeen’s relationship, with the rapper’s flirtations with his ex-girlfriend Olinda Chapel igniting a wave of rumours in the entertainment industry.

Mazakeen recently published information on Instagram that seemed to indicate Stunner had been hounding her for a reunion.

Mazakeen also revealed a WhatsApp exchange in which she accused him of pursuing other women; he responded by saying he wasn’t dating anyone at the time.

The rapper even sarcastically asked whether she would prefer him to pursue men instead.

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Mazakeen stated that she didn’t think she could afford to give the artist another chance, despite his best efforts.

“I don’t do business with that individual; he is of no assistance to me! In an Instagram story post, she stated, “He can’t even put a roof over my head.”

Rather than responding to Mazakeen’s charges, Stunner uploaded a video of himself receiving a pedicure in South Africa.

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