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Meet ‘Farai Juliet Magada’ The Woman Who Rejected Robson Mhandu!

Meet 'Farai Juliet Magada' The Woman Who Rejected Robson Mhandu!

ZBC’s Farai Juliet Magada was pestered by Robson Mhandu after she asked for a transfer from Bulawayo to Harare. Mhandu has since been suspended.

In an audio recording of their meeting at his office, Mhandu told Magada that she needed to “motivate me by work and number two, the obvious… it’s a combination of the two.” He further threatened to send her back to Bulawayo if she refused.

The recordings and WhatsApp messages were shared with ZimLive by ZBC insiders. Mhandu persistently referred to Magada as “honey,” “darling,” and “sweetheart” in WhatsApp messages as he continued to pressure her for sexual favors.

In response to Magada’s question about whether her transfer depended on sex, Mhandu stated, “It’s one million percent guaranteed… Remember you moved from Khulumani FM to Classic 263 on my signature MaMoyo. Your talk of guarantees is purely a sign of disrespect from a typical Zimbabwean woman.”

Sexual harassment allegations against Mhandu have reportedly followed him throughout his career, including during his time at the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and the Zimbabwe Open University’s public relations departments.

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