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Zanu PF Activist Mike Chimombe and Partner Moses Mpofu Accuse Wicknell Chivhayo of Fraud in ZEC Tender Deal

Moses Mpofu (left) and Mike Chimombe (right) are furious with Wicknell Chivhayo for absconding with the US$40 million ZEC tender proceeds.
Moses Mpofu (left) and Mike Chimombe (right) are furious with Wicknell Chivhayo for absconding with the US$40 million ZEC tender proceeds.

Well-connected Zanu PF activist Mike Chimombe and his business partner Moses Mpofu have accused businessman Wicknell Chivhayo of fraudulently altering a contract to exclude them from a lucrative deal.

The contract in question involved South African company Ren-Form and Better Brands, owned by Pedzisayi Scott Sakupwanya, and pertained to a US$40 million tender to supply biometric voter registration kits and other electoral materials to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) during last year’s general elections.

In a scathing letter to Chivhayo, Chimombe and Mpofu expressed their outrage over the fraudulent changes that left them out of the agreement. The letter, which has been quoted extensively in an exclusive investigation by The NewsHawks, details the corruption within the ZEC deal, where invoices were reportedly inflated by up to 235%.

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Chivhayo, now benefiting from the US$40 million tender, has allegedly sidelined his partners Chimombe and Mpofu while enjoying the profits from the deal. Known for his extravagant lifestyle, Chivhayo has been spending the proceeds on luxury cars, designer clothes, and lavish properties.

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The NewsHawks has exposed this corrupt arrangement and promises to reveal further details in upcoming investigative reports.

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