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Mike Chimombe’s 2nd Wife ‘Panashe Rusero’ Trends – She is Sister to Chimombe’s 1st Wife

Harare, Zimbabwe | Panashe Rusero has largely maintained a private life, with little public information available about her early years and background. Her rise to public attention is closely linked to her association with the prominent Zimbabwean businessman and socialite, Mike Chimombe.

Connection to Mike Chimombe

Panashe Rusero became a well-known figure in Zimbabwean media due to her relationship with Mike Chimombe, who is both a business mogul and a notable socialite in Zimbabwe.

The relationship became a subject of public scrutiny when it was revealed that Chimombe, who was married to Panashe’s sister Mitchell, had impregnated her.

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Mike Chimombe's 2nd Wife 'Panashe Rusero' Trends - She is Sister to Chimombe's 1st Wife

Panashe Rusero celebrating her birthday | Photo – Instagram

This affair was widely reported, drawing significant attention due to the family dynamics involved and Chimombe’s public profile.

Chimombe, the president of the Affirmative Action Group for the Mashonaland West Chapter, has had a tumultuous personal life, marked by legal troubles and allegations of misconduct​ (Pindula)​​.

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Despite these controversies, Panashe and Chimombe welcomed a baby boy, which further entrenched her name in the public discourse​.

Public and Media Attention

The affair between Panashe and Chimombe began around 2009-2010, and it was reported that Chimombe had attempted to marry her during this period.

Panashe Rusero (Image: Facebook)

The situation garnered considerable media attention, with reports highlighting Chimombe’s arrangement of two separate households—one for his wife Mitchell and another for Panashe and their child. This unusual domestic setup has led to widespread public interest and speculation​ (Africa Press)​.

Despite the negative press, Panashe has largely stayed out of the limelight, maintaining a low profile. Sources close to the family indicate that she and Chimombe have tried to keep the birth of their child and their living arrangements discreet​.

Current Status

As of now, Panashe Rusero continues to live a life that straddles public curiosity and personal privacy.

The birth of her child with Chimombe has undoubtedly placed her in the public eye, but detailed aspects of her personal and professional life remain largely under wraps.

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