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Mjolo Uyanyisa As Musician Demands His Lobola Back After Wife Is Snatched By Papa!

Sgodo, a Zimbabwean singer working in South Africa, is suing for his lobola money after his wife deserted him and eloped with a preacher.

Sgodo, actual name Alson Mandla Thebe, is so distraught that he is seeking every penny he spent for his wife Buhle Ncube, who abandoned him after only a year of marriage.

Sgodo alleges that Ncube abducted their kid, who is now living with her mother, and that she is refusing to let him see her.

The couple, who had a kid together, appeared to have a promising future until Ncube chose to leave and take their child with her to live with her mother just after their child reached one year old.

Sgodo has been battling for access to his child ever since, with little result.

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Sgodo feels his in-laws were attempting to take advantage of him by claiming that the lobola he paid was not for the child’s care.

Sgodo, on the other hand, claims that the lobola he paid for Ncube should have included coverage for their kid, and that he should not be obliged to contribute to the child’s care.

Sgodo is now requesting a complete return of the lobola he bought for Ncube, feeling dissatisfied and duped.

“My in-laws were attempting to financially drain me and leave me penniless.” “My child should be allowed to live with my mother, who is still alive, but Ncube’s parents are opposed,” Sgodo explained.

To make matters worse, Ncube allegedly tried to make Sgodo jealous by sending him love texts and photos while she was with other guys.

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Ncube is said to have left Sgodo for a well-known preacher in South Africa.

When B-Metro spoke with Ncube, she stated that she left Sgodo because he abused her.

“I was in a relationship with Sgodo, and it was all lovely when he went to pay lobola at my parents’ homestead and I went to live with him.”

“The problems began three months after I moved in with him, when he began having extramarital affairs with several women.” When I challenged him about it, he said it was his kid’s mother and there was no way he was going to lose contact with them, so I left, taking my child with me, and travelled to Zimbabwe to leave her at my parents’ house before returning to South Africa to work so I could provide for her.

“After I had left the child, Sgodo began calling and insulting me, demanding that I return the money he had spent on lobola.” So I’m not sure if that’s how things are done because I gave him a child, and I can’t stay in an abusive relationship with someone who doesn’t know what he wants,” Ncube explained.

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She stated that she has since moved on and that Sgodo should do the same.

“He says he wants me back, but that will never happen.” I’m not old enough to be assaulted. Sgodo is rude and has no regard for my parents.

“If he wants to see his child, he is free to do so; however, if he wants to take her and live with her, he must first lobola her.” Right now, the child is under the age of 18, and I have complete authority over her.

“When I was with him, I felt like I was going to die of stress; he didn’t even know the size of my pants; now I am in a happy relationship with someone who understands how a woman should be treated.” He even makes me happy in bed.

“Tell Sgodo I am very much fine and have found someone who knows and fears God, not a singer like him,” she said.

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