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Mjolo Will Kill Us! Man Scalded For Accusing Wife of Cheating With His Nephew!

Mjolo Will Kill Us! Man Scalded For Accusing Wife of Cheating With His Nephew!

Gokwe | Edmore Zvekare, a polygamous man from Madanhire Village under Chief Jiri in Gokwe, is currently nursing severe burns after being scalded with boiling water by his wife, Vaidah Mavuna.

The incident occurred following a dispute between Zvekare and his nephew, whom he accused of having an affair with Vaidah, his eldest wife.

Zvekare, who chose not to press charges against his wife, expressed his forgiveness despite the pain he endured. “Ehe, akandipisa asi ndomuda.

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Handidi kumusungisa, ndongoda kurapiswa. I am receiving treatment, and she will only need to cover my medical expenses,” he stated.

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According to sources, Zvekare has a history of domestic violence against his wife, which may explain his reluctance to pursue legal action. “Anogara achimurova, ndosaka asiri kuda kumusungisa, but akakuvara,” one source revealed.

The altercation began during a confrontation with Zvekare’s nephew, where Vaidah intervened to protect herself. In self-defense, she resorted to splashing boiling water on her husband, resulting in severe injuries.

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While Zvekare is currently undergoing medical treatment, the incident sheds light on the complex dynamics of domestic violence and the challenges faced by victims in seeking justice.

Despite the gravity of the situation, forgiveness and reconciliation appear to be the chosen path forward for this polygamous family in rural Gokwe.

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