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Zimbabwe Politics

Mliswa to Contest In The 2028 Presidential Election

Norton MP Temba Mliswa In Maintenance Battle With Lawyer Ex-Wife!

Former ZANU PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman Temba Mliswa said he intends to run for the presidency in 2028.

Addressing his supporters at Lidiety shopping center in Norton, Mliswa said he respected President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s rule and would want to see him complete his two terms in office until 2028.

Mliswa, who is an independent MP for Norton, was commissioning some of the 30 boreholes he drilled and the distribution of hampers to the underprivileged in Ward 14.

He said, as quoted by ZiMetro News:

A teacher aims to be a headmaster, a soldier wishes to become a commander and even a girlfriend has ambitions to become a housewife in future.

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So 2028, we will meet at the number one post. The elderly will visit state house barefooted.

You will enjoy seeing a leader who sometimes moves around without bodyguards.

We want a president who goes into communities interacting with the people.

In 2028, l will be on the ballot.

Mliswa said he had a dream several years ago in which “the Lord” told him that he would be in Hurungwe West as an MP, then proceed to Norton before he becomes the President of Zimbabwe.

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He criticised former ZANU PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere for campaigning for the presidency while in exile. He said:

I spoke to my uncle Kasukuwere challenging him over campaigning in exile.

How can you lead or be elected whilst in South Africa? You cannot let your face arrest whilst you are in hiding.

As for me, l am not afraid of anyone. If l am nabbed by police, my supporters will bring me food in cells.

Mliswa also castigated CCC leader Nelson Chamisa for failing to establish structures for his party.

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He said Chamisa’s failure to create structures for CCC made him realise that the presidency is there for the taking, hence his plans to contest in 2028. Said Mliswa:

Ndakuonawo uyuwo futi Nero anenge akurasika, ndosaka ndakazotsamwa ndikati regai nditore chinhu chacho.

Nero ave kukanganisa nekuti haana ma structures. Ini ndakutopinda, kupinda chaiko.

Mliswa promised to pray for his supporters so that they will be able to witness his inauguration as the President of Zimbabwe in 2028.

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