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MMA fighter Themba Gorimbo Back In Zimbabwe

MMA fighter Themba Gorimbo Back In Zimbabwe

High-rising Zimbabwean UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo is back in Zimbabwe after his knockout victory and is chilling with lions.

Gorimbo evoked a fervent feeling last weekend after he knocked out American fighter Pete Rodriguez in 32 seconds. This was his second bout and victory since becoming a UFC fighter in 2022.

After his thrilling victory, he put his kit on auction to raise money to build a library in Bikita. Moved by his selflessness, a sponsor jumped in and offered to build the solar-powered library for him.

Earlier this week, the mixed martial artist touched down in Zimbabwe to push forward his library dream. Some Zimbabwean corporates are also pitching in to help him. Transerve heard his story and donated a complete solar kit for Gorimbo’s Bikita library.

Yesterday, Gorimbo went to a game park and had the time of his life. He also decided to share the fun with his followers online and shot a video of him chilling calmly with lions. He decided to poke his American friends while at it:

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“Back in Zim chilling with my bros over here. I just did this so you guys, when you ask me, ‘Oh, so Themba, when you are in Africa, do you live with lions? Do you see lions every day?’ You’re right. I do, as you can see. Just chilling. We are resting, and then we will go hunt later, as you all know.”

His fans online had a good laugh at his humour.


“You should have pet them. For control😂”

King Vic:

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“I used to get that same question a lot 😂😂😂”


“Imagine fighting against someone who Casually Chills with Lions. Americans, You’re Doomed 😂😂😂”


“This is insane. I would take my chances chilling with one of those pets, but all of those cats in one sitting is beyond me, bro 🔥😂”

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“Lmao!!! Dogs 🐕 are kind of scary lions on the other hand are no problem 🦁😂🙌🏽”

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