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Mohadi’s Appointment Shameless?! Re-appointed Vice President 2 Years After Sex Scandals

Mohadi's Appointment Shameless?! Re-appointed Vice President 2 Years After Sex Scandals

HARARE, Zimbabwe | Kembo Mohadi was re-appointed Zimbabwe’s vice president on Friday, two years after he was forced to resign in humiliation due to a sex scandal, as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s final five-year tenure began in controversy.

Constantino Chiwenga, who became the only vice president after Mohadi stepped down in March 2021, also took his oath of office at State House in front of Chief Justice Luke Malaba.

Mnangagwa has faced pressure from the Zanu PF women’s league, which has advocated for the appointment of a woman to the role.

Women’s groups, rights campaigners, and the opposition all criticised Mohadi’s reappointment.

“With President Mnangagwa appointing Chiwenga and Mohadi as Zimbabwe’s vice presidents, the praesidium remains male-dominated.” The Women’s Institute for Leadership Development (WILD) stated that “more political will is required to recognise the role of women’s leadership in nation building and development.”

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Mohadi’s reappointment “provides a window into the moral decadence that is emblematic of the kakistocracy in charge of Zimbabwe affairs,” according to Mthulisi Mathuthu, an academic and media commentator.

Doug Coltart, a rights lawyer, stated on X, “Any regime that consistently promotes and protects sexual predators, convicted rapists, and paedophiles should be opposed by all right-thinking people.”

A significant ZiMetro News exposé showed how Mohadi exploited his position as a government official to entice multiple young women into having intercourse with him, sometimes in his government office.

He also pursued young women after offering to pay their college fees.

The scandal erupted after Mohadi was confronted by the husband of an intelligence officer who caught wind of his affair with his wife. The man also works for the Central Intelligence Organization.

Mohadi resigned in shame, stating at the time: “I am taking the decision to step down as the vice president of Zimbabwe, to save the image of my government. My decision to relinquish the vice president post is also a way of respecting the citizens of this great nation, my party comrades, some of whom have been affected by the falsehoods and character assassination in the digital ecosystems.”

Despite his departure, Mohadi continued to enjoy the benefits of a vice president and was frequently spotted with a blue lights escort. Leaked government documents also revealed that the local government ministry was providing him with petrol to carry out Zanu PF campaign activities, including as a national tour to meet with traditional elders.

“People who say Mohadi bounced back surprise me,” said Tapiwanashe Chiriga of the Citizens Coalition for Change. Mohadi enjoyed all the benefits of a vice president and travelled around the nation on the taxpayer’s cost to visit traditional chiefs. He wrote the election intimidation script on August 23.”

“I’m here to serve the nation,” Mohadi said after being sworn in on Friday. I’ve been serving the country since the establishment of the Second Republic, and I want to do so in the future.

We have our own agenda that we have established for ourselves. We have a vision that we intend to realise.”

Mnangagwa is anticipated to unveil his cabinet next week, following the inauguration of MPs and Senators on Thursday.

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