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“Moving On Fast Like Starlink” – Mai Titi On Cloud Nine With Lover Shumba

"Moving On Fast Like Starlink" - Mai Titi On Cloud Nine With Lover Shumba

Felistas Murata, widely known as Mai Titi, has set the internet ablaze by introducing her new lover to the public. The popular social media personality confirmed her latest romantic development early today, sparking a wave of controversy online.

Mai Titi posted a picture of herself and her new boyfriend, which quickly became a hot topic on social media. Critics accused her of setting a poor example for young Zimbabwean women, who look up to her as a role model. They argue that her pattern of moving quickly from one relationship to another sends the wrong message.

One social media user, Maud, didn’t hold back, sarcastically commenting, “We move fast like WiFi. Congratulations, Mura. Happy you are in love again.” This remark implies that Mai Titi jumps into new relationships without taking time to heal from previous ones.

Mai Titi’s romantic history is indeed tumultuous. She was recently married to Tinashe Maphosa, whose extravagant wedding left her in debt after he vanished. Before Maphosa, she dated Obinna, who also disappeared, leaving her heartbroken once more.

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In response to the backlash, Mai Titi fired back at her critics, insisting that they should mind their own business. “Problem moda kundiudzira zvekuita nelife yangu, but manje inini ndorarama zvandonzwa kuda. Saka nyangwe mukataura zvinengeyi zvongopinda nekoko zvichibuda nekoko. Because kwenyu hamusati makamboona ndichiuya nema advise,” she declared. This defiant statement makes it clear that she intends to live her life on her own terms, regardless of others’ opinions.

However, not everyone is critical. Some fans are thrilled about her new relationship. One supporter commented, “Congratulations and keep the fire burning.” This shows that there are still those who stand by Mai Titi, cheering her on as she navigates her love life.

Mai Titi’s bold public display of her new romance continues to polarize opinion, making her as much a topic of conversation as ever.

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