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Mukwasha Humiliated For Not Being A Virgin!

Mukwasha Humiliated For Not Being A Virgin!
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A Mutasa couple was married for a few minutes when the bride’s parents broke off the relationship after discovering that the groom was not a virgin, in what might be one of the shortest marriages ever.

According to the Manica Post, Prince Stefano (30) of Mandeya Village recently paid a bride price of $345 for 21-year-old Chiedza Mudzedze, who is claimed to be a virgin.

Stefano claims that the Mudzedze family humiliated him after he did the right thing and paid the bride price for his fiancée.

Stefano told The Manica Post on Monday that he was still coming to grips with the idea that his money had gone down the toilet.

“I paid US$345 as bride price. That is what had been communicated to me. However, when we went for the bride price paying ceremony, they demanded US$800, which I did not have.

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“They said they would only give me my wife after paying the full amount, but these were only delaying tactics. They did not want me to marry Chiedza because they had found out that I have a nine-year-old-son,” he said.

Stefano said he paid the bride price on March 3, adding that the Mudzedze family recently informed him that they would refund him his money as he was not chaste enough to marry Chiedza.

“Chiedza is a virgin, I understand, but her family is just bitter. Her bitter sister sent me voice notes saying I was a pauper and that as a family, they had agreed that I will not be able to take care of her sister,” he said.

Stefano said he has approached the family to get a reimbursement, but they seem reluctant to refund him.

When The Manica Post visited the Mudzedze family in Nyatsuro Village, Honde Valley, Chiedza’s sister and mother confirmed that they refused to sanction Chiedza’s marriage to Stefano as he is not a virgin.

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Chiedza said she is worth more than US$345 as she is a virgin.

“I am a virgin and where in this world have you heard of a virgin being married for that lousy amount? I am still young, I am only 21 and will eventually find someone worthy of me, someone who has never been with another woman.

“Prince wasted my time and lied to me that he was a virgin too. Had I not probed him, he would not have told me of his previous marriage. I will not compete with another woman for him. Do you think his ex-wife will be happy if she hears that he married me?

“We will give him his money, but on our own terms. He should stop sending people here. You can also tell him that he is a loser,” she said.

Chiedza’s sister, who refused to identify herself, said Prince lost favor in her family’s eyes after he showed up for the lobola ceremony dressed in a pair of ripped Denim trousers, work-suit jacket and some crocs.

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“It was shameful for him to show up like that. What sort of dressing is that? We will not have it as a family. It shows that he is very disrespectful. We will refund him when we feel like it.

“As it is, we feel as if we deserve that money because they did not even bring any groceries, save for one chicken. We prepared them our food, yet they had come with a car. They pretended to be well up, yet they are not,” said the woman.

Chiedza’s mother, however, could not entertain The Manica Post and sent our news crew packing.

“So he has sent you here? He cannot direct people from Government or journalists here because we are not afraid of you. If my husband was here, you would have regretted ever stepping foot here. Tell Prince that we will give him his money when we want,” she said.

Prince’s aunt, Tsitsi Munyebvu Stefano said her family is planning to take up the issue with the traditional leadership of the area.

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“This is a family of crooks. They should have told us that they had decided otherwise before accepting Prince’s money. I don’t know why Prince went for the lobola ceremony while donning a pair of ripped jeans and informal shoes.

“What I know is that he is a good man. He did not know that he had a son until last year when his ex-wife told him. Can that really be held against someone? I do not think so.

“The families should find each other so that we can move forward. We love our daughter-in-law and I believe she also loves Prince,” she said.

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