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Mutoko CEO, cllr in cemetery stand ‘scandal’

Katsimberis intimidates prosecutors, Deputy Prosecutor General Reza Speaks!

District Council (RDC) chief executive officer Reason Makore and a former councillor, Robson Jembere, have been implicated in a scandal involving construction of a commercial building in a cemetery.

Jembere was the local councillor before Batsirayi Chitiyo assumed office.

Chief Mutoko told NewsDay that he had since summoned Chitiyo to explain the desecration of graves in his area.

“Some graves have been violated and this is unheard of in our culture,” he said.

Makore said he did not have enough information on the allegation.

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“I do not have enough information because I am not in Mutoko at the moment,” he said.

Jembere has also been accused of building a bottlestore in Chinzanga School grounds.

“The school has many grounds,” Jembere said when contacted for comment.

Last year, former council chief executive officer Peter Sigauke and town planner Enock Mukwekwe were each jailed for two years for selling residential stands they carved out of Chinzanga Beerhall yard and part of a bus terminus and pocketing US$12 000.

Murehwa magistrate Chiedza Gatsi suspended 12 months of the 36-month jail term for five years for both of them on condition of good behaviour and ordered them to pay back the US$12 000.

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Contrary to their duties as public officers and without approval of the rural district council, Sigauke and Mukwekwe pegged three unnumbered stands within Chinzanga Beer Hall stand and sold them to Tinashe Mazarura, Gabriel Karimazondo and Trust Kachidza.

They pocketed US$12 000 from the sales.

Sigauke and Mukwekwe also unlawfully created three commercial stands at the old bus terminus and sold two to Econet Wireless and Zvisineyi Chitiyo, while the third remained in the council’s land bank.

Sigauke also allocated a stand to his alleged partner in crime, Mukwekwe, without a council resolution.

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